Københavns Universitets logo er beskyttet af europæisk varemærkeregistrering og må kun benyttes efter tilladelse fra Københavns Universitet. Se kontaktoplysninger i venstremenuen.

Logoet må kun benyttes i overensstemmelse med retningslinjerne i designguiden.

Legal guidelines for the use of the UCPH logo

The UCPH logo is protected by a European patent. The logo and trademark can not be used for commercial purposes without permission by the university. See contact information in the left menu.

The logo and trademark can not be altered by abbreviating them, changing the spelling, or using improper capitalization. They should be reproduced so they are clear and easy to recognize with no violation of the approved master artwork (graphic elements and text) on the original files on this homepage. Do not alter or distort the appearance of the logo in anyway, for example, by adding other design elements or colors or changing the font. The logo must always look sharp and well produced.